M Interviews M

M: Well I suppose I must start with a hello, how are things and so forth.

m: Personally I never cared for that nonsense because if I really care about what a person has to say I dont have time to waste on such things. But I am well as one can be surrounded by cold weather and school work.

M: Fair enough point.

m: So anything particular that you wanted to ask? Or should I just go on about this and that?

M: Well to begin with I want to know why you have started this blog. This will be your first post so I do wonder why you find this the most effective way to introduce yourself. And is this even necessary? As I am sure you could write a small blurb through your profile.

m: To answer the first question, I have always had this interest in writing. I’ve been keeping a journal on and off since quite a young age. The problem being the motivation and dedication to continue on.

M: So can we expect daily excerpts from you?

m: Of course not! I tried doing that for 4 months and by the second half writing had turned into a chore instead of a hobby. I was unaware of the work required and many of the entries were not even that interesting as we do fall into routines.

M: Then there is no specific date or time we should expect anything then. You will write when the urge to arises?

m: Precisely. But back to the first question anyway. I started this blog because I do have this interest in writing and I would like to develop my skill overtime and reflect back on my growth. And at the same time I like the idea of this freedom of writing. To post whatever I want because in some sense I have a passion for the topic. How does that not seem appealing?

M: I see what you mean. And not to get off topic but you do realize that this format of interview in very similar to Mr.Gould’s?

m: Why of course! That is primarily the format I am basing this whole except upon. I find Gould’s interview very interesting and I find it the most effective way of getting the questions I want answered. Of course it is all completely biased but I assure you that every question is based upon the idea that each answer will provide more depth into me as a person. None of this “Who or what s your favourite…” nonsense.

M: But surely we can’t fit all of that into this post. Does this mean there will be more interviews like this in the future?

m: I certainly hope so. But no guarantees.

M: So back my question earlier, is this whole thing even necessary?

m: Yes. Very much so. See it is easy enough to write about my interests, cute facts about what makes me, me and so forth. But I find this is a much more interesting way to give the reader a little insight of myself

M: So then tell me about yourself.

m: Well that an awfully broad question. But…let’s see…. Okay I got it! I am a slightly OCD vegetarian with a strong curiosity for exploration, cat lover, music enthusiast and tea master.

M: Tea master?

m: Yes I would like to think so.

M: And those other traits.Not exactly what I was expecting.

m: It was some of the first things that came to mind. Shall I think of more?

M: No I think that’s enough. I think we can conclude this post now. Perhaps we will chat again soon?

m: Perhaps.



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