Concert Review: Keaton Henson

Date: Tuesday January 17th 2017

Location : The Great Hall

I just came back from seeing Keaton Henson perform and it was wonderful. No. Wonderful cannot describe it. The place was bigger than expected yet I was close enough that the very words he spoke sounded intimate. Despite being amplified Keaton speaks so quietly that one naturally leans in. The room in complete silence and yet you can just manage to grasp his words.

And he was so nervous! There were towels for him to wipe his hand, neck and face. This happened after almost every song. Even when he spoke his voice was shaky and thin.

To sit and listen to him play was so intimate and I feel honored that I was able to see this rare performer. I was aware that he could sing live and I was aware of the impact of his music. But in person, the exact feelings that made me fall in love with him in the first place came surging back with full force. Each song so sad, so real and true. It was heart-breaking.

And the cello! Ren Ford, although I admit I do not know him well, was an beautiful addition. The cello’s strings echoed throughout the hall creating such a beautiful sound that wove in between the piano and vocals. I found that it really brought out the emotion behind the lyrics by creating a feeling of longing.

And the very beginning certainly cannot be forgotten mentioning. When Keaton started with “Sweetheart what have you done to us” with the first few notes there was a sigh among the whole audience myself included. We all know the songs context, the meaning behind those lyrics and right there we all were heartbroken. This concert was beyond my expectations and I am so glad that I did not miss it.



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